Possibilities of Chat bots



What is a Chat bot?

     A Chat bot is derived from English and a "chat" is a conversation and a "bot" is a computer program that can mimic human communication using a variety of technologies.

     The main task of Chat bots?

     Conducting a "conversation" with the user, answering the questions posed to them in text, voice and visual ways. It is this feature that distinguishes it from other types of software robots.

     According to statistics, today chatbots are used by 1.4 billion people. Also, more than 50% of companies specializing in worldwide service are using it in customer service.

     Types of Chat bots?

     Simple chat bots: chat bots (rule-based chat bots) that are used on the official pages of various financial and service companies and work on the basis of a given set of algorithms.

      Such programs cannot independently learn in one direction, adapt to the situation or independently formulate answers. They provide predefined answers, depending on the keywords found in the user question.

     SI chatbots: (AI chatbot) chat or dialogue is based on a technology called SI (conversational AI).

     The term combines not only "smart" chatbots, but also voice assistants such as Apple-Siri, Microsoft-Cortana or Yandex-Alice.

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