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Introducing innovative ideas and ensuring the quality of education

Widespread adoption of digital services in the Preschool and school education system
Development of platforms, technical and design documentation, research and analytical development
Introduction of innovative ideas and technologies into Preschool and school education system based on strategic analysis and planning

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Robotics courses

The goal of the project is to ensure that schoolchildren acquire basic knowledge and skills such as programming, the basics of mechatronics, and algorithms. As an experiment, 5 pilot robotics courses were opened in “Barkamol Avlod” centers across the city of Tashkent. Work is underway to open this project in Bukhara and Kashkadarya regions. Robotics classes are planned to be implemented throughout the republic;

Robotics courses

"" is a virtual library platform of e-books and audiobooks in the Uzbek language. The ability to stream through the website and mobile applications. The goal of the project is to popularize a modern approach to reading books and reading in the Uzbek language. The project was already launched and it is planned to enrich the platform with content at the next stage.

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