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Innovative technologies in Preschool and school education system


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We guarantee reliable start of new projects!

At the initial stage of our work, we analyze all the indicators that could affect the outcome. This way, we minimize the risks by the time of the project launch.

Work stages

1 Analysis

Each project is thoroughly analyzed before its implementation through the identification of current trends in the global market of innovative technologies

2 Solutions

For each project, we use a specific strategy. Therefore, individual solutions are applied to every task

3 Requirements

AConsumer demand is an important factor in the concept development of every project, and we always take it into account.

4 Record

All projects pass a series of tests. The opinions and ratings of test participants are taken into account. After unanimous approval, the project is launched for mass use

Concept development

Software development

Mobile apps (iOS/Android)


Development of technical specifications

Development of web-sites and web-portals

Development of Graphic Design

Mission of the center

Innovative technologies

Development and implementation of innovative technologies, conducting strategic analysis and planning in preschool and school education system

Marketing analysis

Marketing analysis, organization of events, promotion and sale of new solutions in the field of preschool and school education

Processing of statistical data

Collection, analysis and processing of statistical data, expert opinions, macroeconomic factors affecting the positive development of preschool and school sector

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