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Staff selection

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Search and selection of staff in Tashkent and in the regions of the Republic


Optimization of the organizational structure


Diagnostics and construction of systems in the sphere of personnel management


Creating an interested professional team


Personnel Policy and Documentation Development


Management consulting


Wage market survey


Staff Assessment and Testing

Choosing the correct candidate can help to increase productivity, profit and loyalty.
Incorrect selection contributes to increased staff turnover, team conflicts, demotivated staff, a deterioration in the efficiency of a department or company, and an increase in the number of unskilled staff, which has a direct impact on the business reputation of the company in the market, the quality of the products produced or the services rendered.
This can lead to high instability of the business, and if there are regular errors in the selection, even closure of the direction of the business or even of the whole company.

Staff development

Success of your company

Staff development is an essential condition for the success of any organization. This is particularly true today, when professional knowledge and skills are becoming more obsolete than ever with the acceleration of scientific and technological progress. The inadequacy of the qualifications of the staff to the needs of the company adversely affects the performance of the company.

System diagnostics

Diagnostics of a system of interconnected actions involving strategy, forecasting and planning of personnel requirements, career and professional growth.

Establishment of System

Identifying and analysing the weaknesses and strengths of staff, and building a development system.

Health and safety standards

We offer the following range of health and safety services:

Assessment of the labor protection situation of enterprise for compliance with the legislation requirements of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Research on methodological and technological aspects of assessing working conditions, occupational risks, and the effectiveness of personal protective equipment
Development of unique regulatory documents on labor protection at the enterprise
Development of guidance materials, presentations and video instructions on health and safety standarts
Conducting training and knowledge testing of persons responsible for the operation of the occupational safety system in the enterprise
Health and safety standarts supervision
Development of occupational safety and fire safety attributes
Development of a labor protection management system
Certification of personnel for labor protection

HR consulting

HR consulting is an activity related to solving the tasks facing senior managers in the field of human capital management, with the aim of increasing the profitability of business. Our main goal is to implement individual HR management systems, implement them and monitor the successful functioning of the organization.

HR diagnostics
HR strategy
Staff audit
Staff motivation
Development of competency models
HR consulting
Corporate culture
Establishment "turnkey" HR Department
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