SI (artificial intelligence) and its capabilities



     What is SI (artificial intelligence)? 

     SI is a tool for a wide range of algorithms and mechanized knowledge, where data can be obtained quickly, determining a certain regularity, optimizing or predicting trends. 

     Who coined the term SI (artificial intelligence)?

     The SI concept was first mentioned in Alan Thuring's work "computing machines and intelligence", in 1950 which does Thuring think of machines? the question". Six years later, in 1956, John McCarthy coined the term "artificial intelligence" at the first conference on SI at Dartmouth College.

     How does SI work?

     Ed Burns, author of the TechTarget portal, notes that SI Systems Work by mastering large amounts of data, correlating them and analyzing their regularity, using the results obtained to predict events.

     The SI programming system focuses on three basic skills:
     learning. To collect data and create rules for how to use this data.
     thinking. Choosing the right algorithm to achieve the desired result.
     self-recovery. Constantly configuring algorithms and ensuring the most accurate results.

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