A joint project of the Innovation, Technology and Strategy Center and UNESCO was discussed



As you know, UNESCO and Innovation, Technology and Strategy Center (ITSC) are implementing a joint project "Youth in Social Harmony in Fergana Valley". On July 15, ITSC specialists met UNESCO experts and discussed the details of the implementation of the project.

In particular, the details of the development of the guide "Getting a job in Uzbekistan and globally", inter alia, data collection and analysis, content development were discussed. Besides, the parties exchanged views on the development of an electronic platform through which students can identify their professional strengths,  find detailed information about professions and specialties in demand in Uzbekistan and around the world, and choose a profession or direction of academic activity for themselves.

The goal of the project is to create an online platform for counseling adolescents on vocational guidance and career issues to identify professional interests, dispositions and abilities of students studying in general education institutions.
The project is being implemented with the financial support of UNESCO.

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