The child's parents are abroad, can I apply for admission of my niece to the 1st grade?
     Yes, of course, you can apply. After the formation of personal data on the electronic platform, you can attach a custody decision by specifying the appropriate field and performing further processes.

     In what order can military personnel who have not been registered at their place of residence apply for enrollment of a child in a comprehensive school?
     After the formation of personal data on the electronic platform, you select the serviceman checkbox. Then you can submit an application at the place of residence to the state tax authorities by uploading information about the registered lease agreement or the residential address of the relevant military unit (institution) to the system.

     What should I do if, when trying to send an application, the error “the school attached to the address you selected was not found” is returned?
   In this case, you need to log in to your personal account, edit your residential address from the "My data" section, click "Save" and send a repeat application.

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