Dear Students!
Each of us asked themselves the questions “Who will I be in the future? What subjects do I need to master and where can I study? "
Of course, each of us wants to be the support of our parents, as well as a successful person among peers. New trends and changes in society and life, skills and knowledge required by the labor market and employers, and even the portfolio structure required by prestigious universities, require us to work tirelessly and acquire new knowledge.
We usually go to school, library, training center or tutoring to get an education, but there are also absolutely free, but prepared courses from renowned universities and companies that have become more and more popular all over the world over the past 10 years. They are recognized all over the world and are already being effectively used by your colleagues abroad.
Our team has created an opportunity to receive free education on more than 4300 Coursera online courses aimed at gaining knowledge about the most popular and convenient for high school students in Uzbekistan in the fields of artificial intelligence, e-commerce, programming, design, business and finance, audit, foreign languages ​​and many future professions.
Hurry up to sign up for courses and get certifications from international universities like Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Duke, Illinois, Arizona, London Imperial College, or IT companies like Cisco, Google, IBM to help you find your way in life and achieve success. ...
To do this, take 2-3 minutes to fill out the application form below and plunge into the world of new knowledge.

Good luck in new achievements, MPO team

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