Project "Modern Schools"


The Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated November 26, 2019 No. PP-4537 "On measures to create modern schools" was signed, in which:

Innovation, Technology and Strategy Center under the Ministry of Preschool and school Education, with the involvement of local and foreign companies, assesses general education institutions of secondary education for compliance with the requirements of the "Modern School" and issues certificates of conformity.
Launch of an electronic platform for determining the rating of general education institutions based on the requirements of the Center "Modern School".
The center's specialists were tasked with developing proposals for adapting secondary schools to the requirements of a modern school.
Currently, the requirements for "modern schools" and the procedure for their assessment have been developed and approved by the State Inspectorate for Quality Control of Education under the Cabinet of Ministers.
Based on the requirements for "modern schools", 4 areas were identified for assessment:
1) the state of the material and technical base, infrastructure and equipment of the educational institution in accordance with the standards;
2) effective school management;
3) the education and training system;
4) indicators of the quality of the educational process.
Taking into account international experience and recommendations of attracted international consultants, work will be carried out by September to improve these requirements and assessment procedures.
The rating mechanism works similarly to the World Bank's "Doing business" rating mechanism.

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