Portal of ideas "www.idea.itsm.uz"


Ministry of Preschool and school education of the Republic of Uzbekistan launched a portal of ideas "www.idea.itsm.uz"

Now, using this portal, everyone has the opportunity to submit their ideas and proposal on the development of the school education system.

To send your ideas and proposal on the development of the school education system, go to www.idea.itsm.uz, click the “Submit an Idea!” button, then select one of the categories, upload a sample presentation template and submit your idea:


- improving the quality of education;

- raising the status of teachers;

- advanced training of teachers;

-  school private partnership;

- development of afterschool education;

- innovations and technologies;

- modern school;

- improving school infrastructure;

- inclusive education;

- other.

In turn, the working group of the Ministry will regularly organize special competitions to identify the best authors of ideas and proposals, and those authors who implement them. According to the results of the competition, the winners will be awarded with valuable prizes.

The procedure for considering submitted ideas and proposals is approved by Regulation and will be published on the website www.idea.itsm.uz.

The portal was created by “Center for Innovation, Technology and Strategy” under the Ministry of Preschool and school Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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