Project implementation grounds:

Roadmap "On further acceleration of reforms and improvement of the quality of education in the public education system", approved by the minutes of the meeting under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 20532 dated November 2, 2018;
Commercial offer from the "Center for Innovation, Technology and Strategy" within the framework of the implementation of the content of interactive virtual education "Virtual Ta'lim" for no. 1.1-302-3 from 20.12.2020
(in accordance with the resolution of the Minister of Public Education No. 7390-P dated 18.12.2019);
Contract No. ACT/2020-03 dated 07.03.2020.

The idea of the project: to create an accessible application for students of educational schools, which will not only be entertaining, but also fully educational.

Results of work on the project:

1. Increasing motivation to gain knowledge;

2. Providing equal opportunities for the growth and development of children in the world of modern technology;

3. Increasing the level of skills and abilities.

1. The opportunity to learn new things with the help of an assistant hero who accompanies the player throughout the gameplay, giving recommendations on completing tasks, emotionally reacting to the correctness of the choice made by the player.

2. The possibility of registration with subsequent login to the gaming system under your username and password, having previously created a personal account

3. The player has the option of choosing a level

The player goes on a trip to the countries of the world, starting from the country in which he was born - the Republic of Uzbekistan
(Grades 1-4 – primary general education, the Republic of Uzbekistan and Italy are aligned). The window displays islands consisting of attractions from 5 countries: Uzbekistan, Italy, China, Great Britain, the United States of America.

Each pair of countries corresponds to the level of education by class:

Uzbekistan and Italy – grades 1-4;

China and the UK - grades 5-9;

United States of America – grades 10-11.

By completing tasks of one of the educational level, the player is given the opportunity to complete tasks of the next level
from the previously selected subject area, thereby receiving the appropriate number of "stars", which can later be exchanged for hero hints.

After choosing the educational level, the player has the opportunity to choose the subject area

Level 1-4 grades contains the following subject areas (in terms of the number of tasks):

1. ABC

2. Parts of the whole

3. Reading and literacy

4. Colors

5. We study the figures

6. Outlook

7. Coloring pages

8. The surrounding world

9. Music

10. Reading

11. Fine arts

Level 5-9 grades contains the following subject areas (in terms of the number of tasks):

1. Uzbek language

2. Russian language

3. English

4. Mathematics

5. Algebra and Geometry

6. Computer science

7. Basics of programming

8. Geography

9. Physics

10. Chemistry

11. Logical mathematics

12. Biology

Level 10-11 grades contains the following subject areas (in terms of the number of tasks):

1. Future professions

2. Basics of programming

3. Basics of web design

4. Basics of professions

4. The possibility of online learning

An ordered collection of developing interactive tasks, differentiated by subject and degree of complexity, aimed at expanding the volume of acquired knowledge and skills.

5. Each subject has its own city of the country: the sights of the city of the country are reflected

6. The hero's reaction to the correctness of the task performed by the player

7. The player has the opportunity to have his own personal account, which displays basic information and an avatar, as well as the ability to disable background music

8. The application is available online and offline. Online mode allows the player to watch the progress of his friends in multiplayer mode, which creates a competitive environment

9. The application is available in two languages: Uzbek and Russian (it is planned to translate the application into English)

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Availability of the app for download on Google Play and App Store



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