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What are the benefits of the Digital Library project for school librarians?

The Digital Library is aimed at digitizing school libraries, the project will allow librarians to get rid of unnecessary paperwork.

As a result of the Digital Library project.
Summary Book;
Inventory books;
Lost and Returned Ledger;
Reader's account book;
Book pocket;
Book Formulas;
Catalog card;
Book Return Sheet;
and Reader's Form were transferred into electronic form. 

As part of the project the libraries of secondary schools in 5 districts of the capital, which will be converted to an electronic library system, have been provided with the necessary equipment. Now it is planned to conduct a test experiment in a school in Shaykhantakhur district, and then introduce the system in other schools of the republic.

  • Project name: Digital library
  • Project category: New initiatives in the education system
  • Project customer: Ministry of Preschool and school education
  • Department that developed the project: Modern School Assessment and Certification Service
  • Partners in project development: Ministry of Preschool and school education
  • Project duration: Continues from 2021 года


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